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    Staging and Preparation

    sell a glendale ca home

    Sold Story -The Neighbor Wanted To Buy It

    It is not unusual that a neighbor wanted to buy this Spanish Style home in Glendale. It IS unusual for a neighbor to pay top dollar. Such was the case for our latest sale at 808 Patterson located in the Pelanconi neighborhood of Northwes...

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    Get More Money For Your Home

    How To Get More Money For Your Home

    You need to get more money for your home because you need every dollar to get to your next place. I have great news for you! You have a lot of control over your final sales price and it is the single largest factor in your ultimate net. Stud...

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    DIGGS Case Study #1

    FREE Download: DIGGS Case Study #1 How DIGGS helped the Cobb Family invest $11,500 and make a $149,500 profit.   This multi-page case study examines how one family utilized DIGGS tools and resources to accomplish an important life tra...

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    30 Days to Prepare Your Home For Sale

    The 30 Day Guide To Prepare Your Home For Sale

    Prepare your home for sale in 30 days. We found the inspiration for this guide from Toronto real estate gurus, The Brel Team, but it is different to prepare your home for sale in Glendale Ca. This is a comprehensive guide with a lot of reso...

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    Sell Your Home As Is

    Sell Your Home As Is

    Why are there any repairs when selling a home? After all, isn't a home sold in "as is" condition? The buyer has three main contingencies in a purchase contract and the biggest unknown is the inspection contingency. (Read: What Are The 3 Contin...

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    Should You Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection?

    A pre-sale home inspection will help you have a smoother and easier home sale. If the pre-sale home inspection identifies any issues you can reduce your repair costs or even eliminate the need for any action (or money) at all. As of March 202...

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    5 Budget Friendly Fixes To Make Your Home Look Luxe

    You need budget friendly fixes for your home because you want a beautiful home worthy of a magazine. Or, at least, nice enough to get top dollar and tons of offers. A full professional staging is simply NOT in the cards! You can find room de...

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    Home Buying Steps

    3 Must Dos To Get A Home Ready For Sale

    Is it time to sell your Glendale CA home? Here are the top three things your agent will want you to do to get a home ready for sale. 1. Make Needed Repairs Homeowners often get used to living in a home with wear and tear. However, when you ge...

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    Traditional Character Home in Northwest Glendale

    Sold Story – Staging On A Budget

    When you want to sell your Character Home in Glendale but you don't have a lot of money or time... what do you do? Our home sellers knew that investing in preparing their home for sale would bring profit, but they couldn't do it "all". The h...

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    Ramsdell Front

    Sold Story – Made Big Profit Off Sweat Equity

    Updated 2/22/20. Details and additional reading added. At Diggs, the difference is in the details. When selling your home, our ability to effectively tell your story to the market place means that we're not only going to attract a lot of buy...

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