Sold Story – Sold Way Above The Neighbor’s Offer

The neighbor wanted to buy the home

It is not unusual that a neighbor wants to buy your home. It IS unusual for a neighbor to pay top dollar.

Such was the case for our latest sale at 808 Patterson located in the Pelanconi. Our seller’s neighbors wanted to purchase their home to create a family compound. It was ideal – cousins would grow up playing together every day, parents could share cooking and maybe even errand duties.

Do you want convenience or top dollar?

The neighbor made an offer they felt was very fair. After all, they figured they were doing our client a huge favor. If our clients took this offer they would avoid the hassle of preparing the home, showing it and the potential of a chaotic transaction.

The neighbor figured the savings in commission, alone, made their offer very attractive.

Our clients did not see it the same way. We did not see it the same way.

Under the right circumstances, our client’s home would sell far above the “average price per square foot”.

The value of preparation and marketing

To be fair, the recent sales in the neighborhood supported the neighbor’s offer. But our client understood the power and value of the presentation. They had confidence their home would outperform the recent sales.

And they were willing to gamble.

They had studied the local market and they knew that homes in cream puff condition sold for a lot more than homes that needed work. They were willing to clean their home down to the toothpick level – every niggling little maintenance issue was addressed, every speck of dirt removed, even the hairline cracks in the vintage tile floor were erased by a tile artisan.

Luckily our clients already had lovely furniture and amazing art. All they needed was an editorial eye and a little bling to finish the picture.

Storytelling equals more seller profit

Our clients knew they needed a specific sort of agent to maximize all of their hard work. Simply advertising the square footage or the room count would not be enough – their home had a story. For the right buyer, that story would mean HOME, not just a building, and they would be willing to pay for that home.

Storytelling is not a normal real estate agent skill.

Our clients interviewed 13 real estate agents before they found us. Many agents were skilled, experienced and possessed great track records. Many were willing to work for a low commission, but none of them “got” the story our clients wanted to tell. None of them clearly saw the buyer who would fall in love.

DIGGS is all about stories

We know that every home has a perfect buyer and this home had an especially attractive story to tell. Gorgeous architectural detail. Thoughtful modern touches. Unusual functionality with additional rooms and outbuildings.

This was a home for artists, perfectionists, and people who value life, not just living.

DIGGS got to work

We start with an ideal client profile. The condition, style and location meant that we would appeal to detail oriented people who appreciated good design. We thought Dreamworks and Disney employees were ideal, closely followed by JPL people and video game production people.

We also decided they would be young and consumed with their career but just starting to think about family and personal life.

All of our marketing had this ideal buyer in mind. Ad copy, art direction of the photos and targeting of digital ads were all specifically designed to appeal to this profile. We included a 3d scan of the home and an Alexa app at the open house to attract younger, tech minded buyers.

It worked. Our open house events were mobbed with exactly the right sort of buyers and the offers started pouring in.

There was a very happy ending

Our clients worked really hard to prepare the home. It sparkled in a way that is rare even for a DIGGS listing.

The DIGGS Teams – Optics, Logistics, Inspections and Showings worked their respective magics. Our Buyer Specialists leapt to the challenge of accommodating individual showings.

In the end our clients netted far above the neighbor’s offer after multiple offers.

The buyer? A young couple about to get married. She works at Disney and they are both detail loving perfectionists. NAILED IT.

Everyone Loved Each Other At Close Of Escrow.

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