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    How To Get More Money For Your Home

    How To Get More Money For Your Home

    You need to get more money for your home because you need every dollar to get to your next place.

    I have great news for you! You have a lot of control over your final sales price and it is the single largest factor in your ultimate net. Studies show that homes with a similar size and location can vary in sales price by as much as 10%.

    1. Your Listing Agent Can Get You More Money For Your Home

    Is it crazy to think that a skilled listing agent can get more money for your home? Marketing, preparation, strategy and negotiation skills can significantly affect your bottom line net, timing and overall stress levels.

    2. Home Maintenance For Profit

    It is not necessary to remodel to get more money for your home. Instead, address maintenance issues both small and large. Tune up systems like electrical and plumbing to eliminate minor leaks and electrical irregularities. Get to all the items on your “Honey Do” list and perform all the regular service items in the yard and HVAC.

    **pro-tip – review the DIGGS 50 Top Tips To Sell Your Home for a list of ways to get more money for your home.

    3. Paint and Landscape For Profit

    Curb appeal is a huge way to get more money.  A buyer will decide if they want to buy a home within 30 seconds of pulling up to the curb, make sure your home zings.

    Clean up your landscape – trim overgrown trees and bushes, paying special attention to anything that blocks your view of the home from the street. Water your lawn generously and overseed it with additional grass seed if the lawn is spotty. Apply fresh mulch to all planting beds. Plant colorful flowers along the walkways and along the edges of planting beds. Add a colorful planter or two to the front porch.

    Paint your front door and wood trim on the house – You can really make more money by adding some razzle-dazzle with paint, especially if the paint on the body of the home is in good shape. Consider consulting with a designer to pick a popular accent color that enhances the pop from the street.

    4. Update For Pennies

    Changing out door knobs, cabinet knobs, light bulbs, electrical and light switch covers, and even door hinges can make a home feel like it was recently remodeled. This will clearly cost more than pennies, but the effect vs the cost is stunning.

    5. Pre-Sale Inspections Get You More Money

    You can read the full article on Pre-Sale Inspections here. You can get more money for your home by giving a copy of the pre-sale inspection to a buyer before a deal is finalized. A buyer is most likely to accept a defect in “as is” condition when they are trying to secure the house.

    6. There Is More To Profit Than The Contract Price

    Pay attention to all of the terms and conditions. Time is money and a tightly run contract can get you more money for your home. The length of contingencies, the timing and flexibility of close of escrow or possession can all impact your overall net price.

    Pay attention to the buyer and the buyer’s agent. The buyer’s financial qualifications are important but don’t stop there. It is important to understand their motivation, timing, and experience. An unmotivated buyer with no deadlines is more likely to play games that can cost you time and money. Similarly, a bad buyer’s agent can have huge negative consequences that are difficult to anticipate at the beginning of a sale.

    DIGGS makes the difference

    DIGGS was built around the idea that we can make that difference in your ultimate sales price. Click to read Sell With DIGGS or just call us at 818.482.1885 or text us at 818.946.0106

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