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    5 Things To Know Before Buying a Duplex

    Buying a duplex or multi-family property so you can live in one unit while renting  the other units is a great way to build wealth, but it's not as simple as some make it sound. Read this before you even consider making an offer. One ...

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    First Time Investor Webinar

    How To Invest In Real Estate Without Huge Wads Of Cash Are you a First Time Investor? Do you have lots of dreams but not a lot of cash? We published a Real Estate Investment Strategy Guide, but it isn't very helpful for the First Time Inves...

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    ADU DIGGS Casita

    ADU – Everything You Need To Know

    It Seems Like Everyone Wants An ADU Many people will convert an existing garage into an ADU and a few others might add on to the existing home. The best option, however, is an ADU addition that is completely separate from the main structure. T...

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    Real Estate Investment Strategy

    Real Estate Investment Strategy Guide

    "Buy Real Estate!", they say - but no one tells you about real estate investment strategy and how it works. Here are ten steps to every Real Estate Investment strategy that every investor should consider. They are not complicated, but each one...

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    A no excuses guide to investing in income property

    There are a ton of reasons to be nervous about investing in income properties. After all, money sitting in the bank will not let you down (it won't do much else for you either). You can't afford to invest in income properties in LA because pri...

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    Sell investment Property with tenants

    Should I Sell Investment Property With Tenants?

    I had a call from a potential seller today. HIs first words were, "Should I sell investment property with tenants?". The homeowner was afraid that the process might result in a vacant unit and no rent. Are you like this caller? Do you own a ...

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