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    Proposition 19 Impact

    Proposition 19 Impact on 55+ Homeowners

    Proposition 19 makes it easier for older homeowners to transfer their current property tax to a replacement home. We are excited because this removes a huge barrier for our "senior" clients who want a home better suited to their current lifesty...

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    Home Sold Northwerst Glendale

    Sold Story – Three Generations Lived Here

    JoAnne never intended to sell a home in Northwest Glendale.  Casa Cashin was a lovely Spanish Style home and had been in the family for three generations. Her grandparents bought it in the 1940's. Her father moved into the home after her grand...

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    Sold Story – Behind The Scenes Negotiations

    Are you thinking of selling your La Crescenta home and wonder what is in store? Here is one family's journey from dream to moving day. We'll take you behind the scenes - the questions, the choices and the multiple offer negotiations. Experien...

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    1011 Mountain Front

    Sold Story – Mid Century Modern in Glendale

    The Homeowner And I Were Freaking Out. How could my homeowner sell her Glendale home during a pandemic? The staging for this soulful Mid Century home near Brand Park in Glendale was in and we had a massive marketing schedule set to launch. But...

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    Palm Springs Is . A Best Place To Retire

    Palm Springs is a Best Place To Retire

    Palm Springs as a best place to retire is almost a cliché. Heck, I almost didn't include Palm Springs in my series until my pal Paul Kaplan pointed out that I was missing the boat. His Palm Springs ain't yo Grampa's Palm Springs. https://yo...

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    Best Place To Retire In Pacific NOrthweest

    Retire To Whidbey Island (Puget Sound)

    Have you ever dreamed of living on Nantucket Island or Martha's Vineyard? Island life always seemed so dreamy and idealistic. One of the best places to retire in the Pacific Northwest is Whidbey Island Whidbey Island has all of the romance a...

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    retire to Mid Town Atlanta

    Retire To Midtown Atlanta

    Midtown Atlanta is most diverse, open and walkable area in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Midtown Atlanta might not be the cheapest place to retire, but it is charming, beautiful and the cost of living is definitely better. Listen in as I find...

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    Huntsville alabama is a best place to retire

    Retire To Huntsville Alabama

    Huntsville Alabama is Educated, Connected and Affordable! Retire to  Huntsville Alabama - it has a thriving tech community and an amazing lifestyle! Join me as I talk to my great friend Elizabeth Golden about homes, lifestyle and people in he...

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    Where to move to

    Where To Move To After You Downsize

    You already read our Ultimate Guide To Downsizing Your Home, and now you are ready for the next question, where should you move after you finish downsizing? Perhaps you feel you could live anywhere, what about the practicalities of LIVING? I ...

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    Top Destinations For Glendale CA Homeowners

    Our friends are moving. They are leaving their cramped and dated two bedroom townhouse and moving to a 10 year old home with 3600 square foot of living space, and a third of an acre of blissful, peaceful, land. The previous owner even threw in ...

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    Transfer Your Property Tax with Prop 60/90

    Transfer Your (Low) Property Tax To A New Home

    **Update** Proposition 19 would great expand a 55+ homeowners flexibility and is on the ballot in 2020. Read about the details: Proposition 19 Impact on the 55+ Homeowner Transfer your property tax to a new downsize home using California Pro...

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    Tacoma Washington, Best Place to Retire

    Retire to Tacoma Washington

    Tacoma Washington is the cool (and affordable) kid in the Pacific Northwest People want to retire to Tacoma because it is only 30 min from Seattle's International airport (ok- 30 min at 2 AM. Closer to an hour at peak commute time). Tacoma is ...

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