Trick ‘er’ Treat in Glendale Ca

Best Halloween Neighborhoods in Glendale CA

If you are lucky your community has that One Special Area that is an awesome place for trick or treating.  Each area has the same characteristics- flat terrain, a large number of residents who try to outdo each other with decorations and theatrics, and lots and lots of candy.

Here are the best neighborhoods in the Glendale CA area and they are Spooky Good Times!

Sparr Heights, Montrose

This idyllic neighborhood is located where Glendale, La Canada and La Crescenta come together.  These homes are just below Montrose Shopping Village and many start out at the Spooktacular in the Village and continue into Sparr Heights.  Long regular streets are well lit and sidewalks are everywhere.  This neighborhood is popular for entertainment industry insiders and the amazing decorations really show this off!  I have seen ginormous spides, spooky, motion activated lighting and full on haunted mazes.   Some homes have developed their over the top decor over a period of years and this is a very popular spot for little kids.

Kenneth Road, Northwest Glendale

The center of this amazing neighborhood is at Kenneth Road and Highland Ave.  Most know this area as Northwest Glendale.  This part of Kenneth Rd. features graceful and impressive homes with deep front yards decorated to the ninth degree.  We know of a few Hollywood Types in this area as well-  they might use  some movie magic to really trick out the Holloween Experience.  In this area, I once saw a full sized Ghost Pirate Ship.  In recent years the crowds have become a tad unruly, so be aware that police presence is very visible.  We love cute trick or treaters, but we do not tolerate hooligans.  You’ve been warned.,

Indianola Rd, La Canada Flintridge

For a more sedate trick or treat experience, look to La Canada’s Indianola Rd.  Located in the “flats” of La Canada, this street is the place for awesome Halloween decor.  As with most of La Canada, however, streetlights and sidewalks are in short supply.  As a result, this is much more of a Locals Only type of street and neighbors greet each other and admire the kid’s costumes.

Crescent and Waltonia, Montrose

This is a tiny little area of Montrose is located just above the 210 freeway.  This is the ideal place to Trick or Treat if your kids are overwhelmed by crowds of people.  About a third of the homes are decorated and some even feature mini haunted houses. Lots of smaller kids and parents love this area because it is intimate and more manageable.

Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station, Adams Hill

This is not a Trick or Treat gig, just a very cool Halloween gig.

The Gas Station will be haunted for the Halloween season with skeleton characters, trucks and related vintage gas station ephemera. Using the window panes as natural frames, some of the frames will be vignettes; stand-alone subjects like a pumpkin-filled pick-up truck, and Dia de los Muertos icons.

Trubble Trux (featured art on this post) is on display.  Artist Bob Kathman is a professional graphic designer, animation and comic book artist, and teacher. He earned his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.


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