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    Sold Story – Selling A Home That’s Unique

    Sold Story – Selling A Home That’s Unique

    Greg and Bynette had arrived at an enviable place in life. Neither was tied to a particular location and they were free to live anywhere they wanted.

    1657 Cielito in the Rossmoyne Hills had not been home for very long and they still loved living with the stunning architecture and the drop dead city views. However, the market was good for home sellers and they decided to give it a try. If it didn’t work out, they would simply stay.

    We asked them to talk about their process of selling:

    How did you find an agent to work with?

    We loved the agent who helped us to buy this home but she had moved out of state. We had no connections, yet, in this area, so we checked out review sites like Yelp and Realtor.com and talked to three different agents. We wanted someone we could talk to, someone who was normal and not such a “salesperson”.

    We also wanted someone with a real marketing plan, someone who could get the home out there. It is a unique home- not like a cookie cutter tract home. The right agent would help us know what work we needed to do to accomplish our goals.

    What went according to plan and what surprised you?

    It was not fun living in a home that is staged. we neutralized the home for market, but you miss all your personal stuff. Keeping the house clean, especially with animals, keeping the laundry hidden, dishes done and the refrigerator is appropriate- it’s kinda like you’re living in a museum. And to do that for more than a two week stint? Not fun.

    What advice do you have for other home sellers?

    Be patient. Present as best as you can and just wait. When the right person comes along, it will happen, it will be smooth, and just like relationships, it will be head ache free and just sort of, “right”. Don’t make the house “fake”.

    How was working with DIGGS?

    It was great. In the past, we had worked with just a single person so it was different dealing with a team. It was different having a multi person team, each an expert in their niche- everyone was great. Neither way is a better way to do it, but things with DIGGS were smooth and it all worked out as it was supposed to.

    The proof is in the final result!

    It is wonderful when all parties arrive at the closing feeling great about each other, the transaction and the home. This is a more unusual occurrence than you might expect. Here is a selfie of Seller, Buyers and their agents art the final walk though. We could not be happier for everyone’s Happily Ever After!

    See 1657 Cielito

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