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    When Does A Sold Sign Go In The Yard?

    When Does A Sold Sign Go In The Yard?

    When is a Home Sold?

    There are two steps to “sold”. The first step is when the Homeseller accepts a purchase contract from a buyer. That buyer has (typically) 30 days to complete the purchase and the seller cannot replace them with any other buyer, even if they are willing to pay more.

    The home seller can accept a backup offer from another buyer. This is insurance in case the first buyer fails to complete the purchase. This is a little-used opportunity that we will discuss in another post.

    The second step is the actual “sold” where the buyer has completed the purchase and the money and title transfer.

    When does the SOLD sign go up?

    There are no rules on when this happens, it is up to the individual listing agent. Some will place that sign as soon as they accept a purchase contract. Others will wait until the current buyer has completed their investigations and the home is likely to close escrow.

    What is the difference between “Sold”, “Pending” and “In Escrow”

    “Pending” and “In Escrow” mean that an offer has been accepted, but the buyer needs to complete their inspections and finalize their loan. There is a chance for another buyer to get a backup offer accepted. “Sold” means there is no chance of a backup offer. This is placed after all contingencies are removed.

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