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    How To Choose a Contractor – Podcast

    How To Choose a Contractor – Podcast

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    How can you choose a good contractor?!! There are at least as many contractor horror stories as there are lawyer and real estate horror stories.

    My next podcast guest, Alfred Navarro of Navarro Construction says choosing a good contractor is much like choosing a good marriage. If you make a bad choice, your life will be unpleasant!!

    In this conversation Alfred and I continue a long conversation we had over the weekend- how do you choose a good contractor? What questions should you ask to weed out the baddies and where can you go to research the facts? This guy is a wealth of knowledge and definitely someone I would want in my corner!!


    How to choose the right contractor:

    1. Get referrals from friends family and neighbors (hint- call DIGGS!! We keep a running list of vendors we like)
    2. Ask for and CALL their references
    3. Check their contractor license number- is it valid? Is it for the type of work you want? Are there any complaints or violations?
      1. Contractor’s State License Board
    4. What questions should you ask to choose a good contractor before you hire them?
      1. Who will be onsite?
      2. How often will the supervisor visit the site?
      3. Will you have people working every day? What hours?
      4. What is your expected payment schedule?
        1. The best way to compel performance is to set your payment schedule to completion of specific milestones
      5. Who are your sub contractors?
      6. How long have you worked with them and are they licensed?
      7. How many jobs do they take at one time?
      8. What is their specialty? If you are remodeling a kitchen, are they kitchen specialist?
    5. Beware the lowest bidder
    6. Choose a good contractor that you like- you are going to be spending a lot of time with them. Who do you want in your home every day?

    Alfred Navarro
    Navarro Construction

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