Welcome to La Crescenta:

Quiet, almost rural, community in a peaceful mountain setting.  Top notch schools and 20 minutes to everything.

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La Crescenta bills itself as “The Balcony of Southern California.”  It is tucked into the base of the San Fernando Mountains and green hillsides, distant, sometimes snow capped peaks and twinkling city lights are common views around town.  It is cooler, cleaner and the breeze is more constant in this mountain community.

How’s the Market in La Crescenta?

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Houses are eclectic and varied with vintage stone cottages mixed in with stucco boxes and large, newer homes.  A long time ago the residents were mostly hard working middle class folks, but over the last three or four decades a more educated population has become dominant.  The result, most either grew up here or came for great schools and a safe environment for an affordable price.

There is little retail or formal entertainment.  We go down the hill for that sort of thing.  La Crescenta is all about home life and the outdoors.  Hiking, biking, picnics in the park and backyard barbeques are our way of life.