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    How To Buy A Home In Glendale

    How To Buy A Home In Glendale

    Last night we had a sell out crowd for our First Time Home Buyer Webinar. Buyers and Brews event for buyers of Glendale  homes. Clearly, there are lots of people who are looking for Glendale CA Homes For Sale and figure out how to buy them. Hundreds more viewed our Facebook Live broadcast. They wanted practical insider information on how to buy a Glendale CA homes!

    We had a number of craft brews from the Verdugo Brewery in Burbank, commemorative DIGGS Beer Mugs (we love great swag!) and nibbles provided by our awesome DIGGS Team. Pictures are still from our Facebook Live video… not our best quality, but boy, we sure had fun!

    Then we got into the presentation. Kendyl Young shares her knowledge accumulated over 30 years and helping thousands of buyers. Here are a few of the key points:

    If you want to buy a Glendale Ca home, you might feel like:

    • There are no homes to buy
    • Frustration
    • Agents are all the same (and you are smarter than they are)
    • Agents are only self-motivated, they are not looking out for me.
    • Listing agent is the best way to get a house
    • You can find a home on your own and you prefer to do that
    • You can’t compete with all cash buyers

    So- is it crazy to think an agent (the right agent) might be able to help with all of the above?

    The perils of working with the wrong Glendale CA real estate agent:

    A bad Glendale CA real estate agent could play on a buyer’s fears of low inventory and rising interest rates and rising home prices. They can use this fear to pressure a buyer into buying a home that just isn’t right.

    There is a huge gap between getting a contract accepted and closing escrow. A bad Glendale Ca real estate agent can make mistakes during this time that can cost the buyer thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

    Or, a Glendale Ca real estate agent representing both buyer AND seller may, or may not, tell a buyer information they need to get the best deal. Afterall, the listing agent is only paid if the buyer buys this- and ONLY this home. If the buyer walks the agent gets nothing.

    Lastly, your DIGGS Team member is networking full time to find opportunities you will never see. For example, we might find out that a home is going to fall out of escrow and come back on the market. We love alerting our buyers to this opportunity so they can get an offer in before anyone else!

    Tips and Tricks to buy Glendale Ca homes:

    We talked about how real estate internet search sites work (clue- the smart buyer uses DIGGS invitation only search app- it truly is BETTER than the public can get)

    We talked about the best places to get a mortgage.

    We touched on how to get a down payment. I mentioned a website that lists all of the programs available to help home buyers.

    Lastly, I touched on how a buyer can compete with all cash offers.

    Would you like a list of the resources offered at this workshop? Fill out the simple form below and I’ll send it right along

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