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    Glendale Hot Hoods June 2017

    Glendale Hot Hoods June 2017

    New feature at DIGGS- Glendale Hot Hoods. Each month we’ll tell you the hottest neighborhoods in your price range! This month La Crescenta CA homes are the hottest. And, for a fun bonus, I’ll also share the highest and lowest sales in the month.

    This month we saw 82 single family home sales in Glendale, La Crescenta and Montrose.

    Our first price range is under $700,000. La Crescenta is the clear winner, here, with 8 of the 12 total sales.

    Next up is just over $700,000 to $900,000. This was our largest segment with 23 total sales. La Crescenta was huge in this area with 11 total sales!

    The next largest segment is just over $900,000 to $1,100,000. We had a tie in this area – the Canyons had 5 sales and Verdugo Woodlands also had 5. There were 21 total sales.

    Moving up in price we get to just over $1,100,000 to $1,250,000. There were 11 sales in this range and the winner was La Crescenta (again) with 4 sales.

    The $1,250,000 – $1,600,000 saw 8 total sales and largest number happened in the Verdugo Woodlands.

    Our top dogs were over $1,700,000 (no sales between $1.6 and $1.7 mil). There was 5 sales total and 3 happened in Northwest Glendale!!

    The most active area was La Crescenta. This makes sense as it is the largest area. The least active was Northwest Glendale- and this also a pretty high demand area! If you love there and are even thinking about moving, please get out. I need to sell your home! (just kidding- sort of)

    Our lowest sale of the month happened on Honolulu Ave- a cutie patootie one bedroom home sold for $455,000. The highest was on Maginn Ave- $1,825,000 with views to forever!

    Want to live in La Crescenta- the Hottest Hood this month? Click the link below for a live list of the best homes for sale!

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