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    Cool Home Crush – The Zane Grey Estate Altadena

    Cool Home Crush – The Zane Grey Estate Altadena

    Today’s Cool Home Crush is the Zane Grey Estate in Altadena and we are SQUEEEING with delight!!! Dudes, this is probably one of the most important homes in the world for fans of the great Western Novel . The home and grounds are gloriously intact and pristine.

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    I have to say something about marketing. I just… must. The Zane Grey Estate the soul and vibe of the turn of the century Altadena. It feels like a luxurious summer retreat for the affluent class – like the deck of the Queen Mary or a high end summer camp in the Pocanos. The LOCAL agent who now has this listing understands our local story and tells it beautifully. The previous non-local agent? Not so much. #endrant

    You simply MUST click on the link to see the amazing pictures. If I get the chance to tour this home I might even livestream it if I am allowed.

    Here are a very few of my favorite photos from the MLS.

    Zane Grey Estate Altadena Photos

    The DEETS

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    Listing and Photos Teresa Fuller, Dilbeck Realtors.
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