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    What Is A Backup Offer?

    A Backup Offer is like First Runner Up in a beauty contest. You are first in line if the accepted buyer fails to complete the home purchase. Why Are There Backup Offers? If there is more than one interested party a seller has to commit to jus...

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    Multiple Offer Do's and Don'ts

    Multiple Offers or Bidding Wars Do’s and Don’ts

    It seems like multiple offers or a bidding war happens on nearly every property these days. How does a buyer deal with the madness? On the one hand you need to search for the perfect home and fall in love enough to make an offer. But, when y...

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    Contingencies in the Real Estate Purchase Contract

    The 3 Big Contingencies of a Home Purchase

    Buying a home is scary but there are major contingencies when buying a home that are designed to protect you! The Residential Purchase Contract (RPA), along with it's required disclosures and addendums, is 15 pages of small, densely packed l...

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    How Does The Offer and Counter Offer Process Work?

    Do you wonder what happens after you make an offer on a home? Are you wondering what a counter offer is and how it works? Read on and we will pull the curtain aside for you! Step One - Write An Offer On A Home When you fall in love with a hom...

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    How To Buy Your First Homes

    The Secret Winning Offers

    Are you tired of making offers on Glendale CA homes? Tired of losing out to all-cash buyers, or suspicious of backroom deals? Perhaps you are fearful that a better home will show up next week? You are tired because you are trying to control ...

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