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    How To Buy A Condo

    How To Buy A Condo Or A Townhouse

    How To Buy A Condo Or Townhouse in Glendale and Pasadena Wondering how to buy a condo or townhouse in Glendale or Pasadena? We put together a buying guide to help you make great decisions! Condo and Townhouse Basics Definition A condominium...

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    Shop for a mortgage

    The Definitive Guide On How To Shop For A Mortgage

    The smart home buyer wants to know how to shop for the best mortgage to finance their home purchase. They suspect there are a lot of moving parts and a mistake that could cost big money right away and for years to come. How do you analyze al...

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    First Timer Home Buyer's Guide

    The Complete First Time Home Buyer Guide

    First time home buyer needs a complete guide to home buying in order to avoid potentially disastrous mistakes. Fortunately, we've sold a few thousand homes and know what to expect! Read through this post to learn how to make great decisions. ...

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    First Time Investor Webinar

    How To Invest In Real Estate Without Huge Wads Of Cash Are you a First Time Investor? Do you have lots of dreams but not a lot of cash? We published a Real Estate Investment Strategy Guide, but it isn't very helpful for the First Time Inves...

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    Home Buying 101

    Home Buying 101: What to expect at each step

    What Should I Expect When Buying a Home? You can't have it all. What are your compromises? Your down payment is just the start. Understand ALL the cost involved. Do you need your own agent? You might need a top buyer's agent of...

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    Buying a House From Probate

    Guide To Buy Probate Homes For Sale

    Are you curious about how to buy probate homes fro sale? You might be dreaming of a Granny Home selling for cheap in a primo neighborhood. There are a few different ways to sell a home after the owner dies. The most common method is a house ...

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    A no excuses guide to investing in income property

    There are a ton of reasons to be nervous about investing in income properties. After all, money sitting in the bank will not let you down (it won't do much else for you either). You can't afford to invest in income properties in LA because pri...

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    Home Buying Checklist

    The First 5 Things a Home Buyer Needs To Do

    After casually looking at real estate listings for forever... you are ready to buy a home. Congratulations! Moving out of the curiosity phase is a big deal and it can be a little scary. Here are the 5 most important things you need to do to ...

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