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    Why Does DIGGS Exist?

    Why Does DIGGS Exist?

    Recently I was asked why I created DIGGS. Real estate brokerages are a dime a dozen and, aside from the name, it’s hard for the consumer to tell them apart.

    Here is my short answer:

    I started DIGGS as an experiment. Could I make the real estate experience better?

    From the customer’s point of view, the answer seems straight forward. Make sure the agents and the staff are knowledgeable and skillful. Communicate well and frequently. Eliminate any unnecessary actions- make it as convenient and efficient as possible.

    Treat the customer with respect.

    Given the intense real estate market and the often mind boggling laws, rules and regulations- this is a worthy goal all by itself.

    But the customer is just one player in a real estate transaction.

    I wanted to know if I could make the experience better for EVERYONE.

    There are a LOT of people involved in a successful real estate transaction. The agent representing the buyer, the one for the seller, their brokerages, their respective administrative staff, the financial people, legal people, tradespeople, and, let’s not forget the other party across the negotiating table from us.

    If all the individual parts were better, the whole HAS to be better.

    What would “better” look like?

    The Customer

    I gave some examples at the top of this article. If all of those components were in place, the customer would have a smoother experience. We think 6 steps ahead of any transaction so our clients are prepared for whatever comes their way.

    We can’t promise a problem free transaction, but we can promise that everything will be better because we are by their side.

    The DIGGS Agent

    Sales people are people-people. Paper work, details, logistics and administrative drudgery are not their thing. We make things better for our agents by freeing them up to do what they love. We help them to manage time, resources and we make sure they have the best training that exists in the industry.

    We also have a high priority in supporting each agent in reaching their highest potential.

    We truly believe that the more we do, the more WE do.

    The Cooperating Agent

    Most of our deals have a cooperating agent representing the “other” party in a transaction. It is our responsibility to represent our client’s interests, first, but this is often accomplished by treating the other side with respect.

    This means holding up our end of the work, knowing and respecting the contract, staying on top of all details, managing all the people on our side and communicating frequently and professionally.

    Our goal is to make the logistics of the other agent’s job as easy as we can.

    The DIGGS Employee

    It’s not easy to get a job at DIGGS. Our people need to be smart and passionate about being the best that they can be. We screen them for forever and, once we hire them, we train them like crazy.

    Our people are empowered to solve problems, take smart initiative and they empathize with our clients and our agents. Each employee believes in our mission and is excited to be a part of what we are accomplishing. In turn,

    We are excited by our employees.

    The Vendors and Tradespeople

    It takes about a dozen people to make a real estate transaction happen. The best people for each job can work for ANY agent or brokerage. By making the experience better for these important people, we get the best excited to work for us. They accommodate our client’s schedules, they make the impossible happen and they often give just a little extra that no one else receives.

    Our detailed process means less chaos, less change orders and a higher chance that any work they do will be paid and paid quickly. We make sure they know hear our clients appreciation (and our own) and we do something very unusual in our industry.

    We publically credit our vendors and tradespeople whenever we can


    The sales industry calls the people they are targeting for a sale a “lead” and we really hate that word. As sales people we are taught to think of “leads” as numbers and formulas. Our industry mass markets, sends thoughtless emails and drops meaningless postcards in the hope that enough will respond to make a sales.

    At DIGGS we call these people….. people. People with needs and questions. People with fears and aspirations. We think we should respond, as a human, and not drip emails or mass text.

    We listen to what people need and deliver it.

    The Community

    We think community is a verb, not a noun. Community is about bringing people together and creating bridges, not walls. We designed DIGGS to appeal to the Urban Expat, but we actively seek ways to bring all types of people into our office through our art shows, community fund raisers and by facilitating small conversations amongst our neighbors however we can.

    In an ideal world, the real estate transaction starts years before any real estate needs with the simple act of forming a relationship.

    With relationship comes trust, and trust will make any real estate transaction better.

    DIGGS- We’re a real estate company focused on people.

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