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    Senior Street Fair, Glendale

    Senior Street Fair, Glendale

    Husband and I went to the Senior Street Fair on the Maryland Paseo, today. We were curious, in the area (picking up our updated Living Trust) and hungry. King Taco is right there.

    5 Important Resources For Seniors in Glendale

    1) Affordable Housing for Seniors

    Did you know that we have an entire Affordable Housing Hotline? Yup, call 818.551.6902. It is true that Section 8 housing is closed (and so is the waiting list), but there are other resources for Seniors and Low Income Households in Glendale. The good folks at Community Development are ready to help!

    2) Job Placement:

    Senior does NOT mean dead! The Verdugo Jobs Center help Glendale residents (and anyone in Los Angeles County) to get a job. They assist with counseling, resume writing, training, connections and more. This applies to anyone 18 and up, not just seniors. They also have a special unit for kids 14 – 18. Seniors might be interested in this resource in Glendale for help around the house and running errands.

    1255 S. Central Ave.

    3) Legal Assistance:

    Senior abuse is a real issue. Don’t suffer alone, there is help available. If you can’t afford a lawyer, Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County might be your answer. This resource provides Glendale Seniors with help for a wide variety of legal issues relating to housing, family, economic security, immigration, and health.

    1104 E. Chevy Chase Dr.
    800.433.6251 legal hotline
    800.896.3202 health hotline

    4) Senior Mental Health:

    DiDi Hirsch Mental Health Services helps Medi-Cal recipients with a wide range of mental health issues. Depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, appetite/overeating or thoughts of suicide can be very serious. Adults age 60 and older can receive individual and group counseling, psychiatric medication management and employment help.

    Didi Hirsch Glendale
    1540 East Colorado Street
    Glendale, CA 91205

    5) BillionStep Challenge:

    This was the most fun booth, for me!! Be Street Smart Glendale is part of the Community Development. The idea is to get fit and healthy by recording 1 BILLION steps walked by our citizens! Install the app on your smart phone, and your daily steps will contribute to this kickass goal. There a few steps involved to get signed up, but what a cool idea!

    For those of us who have limited computer skills, go to BeStreetSmartGlendale.com and sign up. Manually record your steps or activities every day! If you have a health device like a fitbit, smart phone or Apple Watch (that would be me, naturally), download the app Walker Tracker or sync your fitbit when you sign up and all your steps are automatically added to the challenge!

    BONUS: Jewel City Fun& Fitness Day: May 21@the Glendale YMCA This looks like a fun event! Check out the article at the Outlook.

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    A Place for Seniors
    Fun at the Y!

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