Metro Drops 710 Tunnel

Today, in a historic vote, the Metro board withdrew financial support for the 710 freeway tunnel. For decades, there has been controversy about connecting the 710 and 210 freeways through Pasadena. Foothills residents have primarily been against it because it would bring more traffic through residential communities. Metro thought they may have found a compromise by building a tunnel. However, many residents fought against this. Today’s vote to reallocate approximately $700 million worth of funding for the project to local street improvements and other transportation options will effectively kill the project.

Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian, a Metro board member said, “This is going to be a historic day.


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  1. Marci says:

    Maybe they can allocate some of the funds to mark the freeways better as well make more sense out of them. 3 big lanes going east on the 210 for downtown and a single lane in a tunnel not stay non the 210. Crazy!

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