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    Obi Okafor – Austino ComeBACK Show

    Obi Okafor – Austino ComeBACK Show

    We are so excited to finally nab Obi Okafor for his first-ever show at DIGGS!!!

    Obi’s art is exuberant, his spirit is infectious and his courage and willingness to give to the universe is evident in every pallet knife gesture and brushstroke. This is NOT a show to miss. All gallery fees earned from his sales will benefit the YWCA Battered Woman’s Shelter.

    Check out our fun video and come to the show!!

    Obi Okafor, DIFFUSION Opening Night:

    Thank you to Obi and guests who made tonight so special! Obi was on fire- singing and dancing as he created art in front of our very eyes. It was nothing short of magic for those of us who can’t draw a line without a ruler .

    The show will remain up through March. Tell your friends they can visit DIGGS Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 3 PM or by appointment to view (and buy!) Obi’s art.

    All sales include a 30% gallery fee which we donate directly to the Glendale YWCA Shelter from Domestic Abuse.

    Find out more about the DIGGS Arts Program!


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