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    Most Affordable Neighborhoods


    Affordable Neighborhood is a little bit of a unicorn in this area. It’s not you. You are AWESOME. You work you patootie off and you’d be living high on the hog if you lived any. where. else. Take a quick moment and pat yourself on the back.

    BUT. We live in an area of affluence and there is very little inventory. You have watched the prices of homes rise up and beyond what you ever thought possible… and you are still renting. You are either committed to waiting for home prices to fall or figuring out how to get in wherever you can.

    Let’s explore the most affordable neighborhoods in the area today. Each neighborhood link reveals current homes for sale, open house schedule, market report and insider Intel.

    Sunland Tujunga

    I think this is the next Highland Park. A few decades ago Highland park was riddled with urban problems and no one wanted to buy homes there. Today Highland Park is darling of every hipster in the Greater Los Angeles area and the home prices have shot to the moon – but I can tell you none of the problems are gone.

    Sunland Tujunga has similar urban “problems” but it also offers lots of space, relatively affordable housing and it is surprisingly easy to get to the Valley and Westside of Los Angeles.

    See: Seven Hills and Crystal View


    This little slice of cuteness is located below Glenoaks Blvd. in Northwest Glendale. It enjoys all of the benefits of Northwest Glendale but at a lower price.

    See: Pelanconi

    NE Altadena

    Located at the top of Lake Ave, this lovely neighborhood contains some of the best values on the market today. And, bonus- you are close to Farnsworth Park and the Echo Mountain trail head!

    See: NE Altadena

    Highway Highlands, La Crescenta

    This is a very small enclave of homes located below Foothill Blvd. The streets are intimate… which is just sales person speak for narrow. This a place of small homes on small lots, but the residents make the most of every square inch. If you are looking for affodable homes in La Crescenta… this is your place.

    See: Highway Highlands

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