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So, we know that just because the big drought is over and the rain gods have smiled on us, that we still need to be mindful about water consumption, especially in our yards. After all, this is Southern California, and it’s certainly not the first drought we’ve been through. But let’s be honest, we love our lawns.

So, we decided to check in with one of our favorite local landscape and interior designers, Paula Simmons, on how we can enjoy our outdoor spaces and still conserve water. Here’s what she had to say:

Native grasses can replace your thirsty lawns and still provide a lush green carpet with very little maintenance.  My favorite is a fescue blend that you can mow to maintain a turf lawn or left unmowed for a wind-swept meadow look. Huntington Gardens are now planting no-mow grasses in all new construction.   

There are several ground covers that can serve as turf and still provide a beautiful carpet of green.  Kurapia is a dense, lush green groundcover that has small white blooms May-November.  Dymondia is a gray-green groundcover with small yellow flowers in spring.  Both take light to moderate foot traffic.

Check out the gorgeous gallery below!

For more information, you can visit www.PaulaSimmonsDesign.com or ask Paula questions directly at (818) 523-0800

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