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    Meet Steve O’Bryan

    Meet Steve O’Bryan

    I am super excited to bring back the super cool photography of Steve O’Bryan. We are having our reception to celebrate his art and all DIGGS proceeds from the sales will benefit the Dad’s Club Robotics Team.

    Steve’s photography is arresting. He considers himself a “street photographer” which means he likes photographing people and things that might be uncomfortable to stare at in person… but you really want to look. He is also extremely talented at “candid” shots of people. His work on our DIGGS Sold Stories series is stunning.

    Steve and I go way back and I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a bit about him. Steve is pretty much the definition of the DIGGS Tribe.

    Practical Honesty

    Steve, his wife Carin and baby Paxton were at the tail end of a long day looking for a home to buy. I was just starting to close up an open house that I was hosting and was out near the end of the driveway. Steve pokes his head out the window and asked me if they could just pop in for a moment- they were relocating and needed to find a place in the near future.

    I asked a few questions and then told him not to bother getting out of the car- the home wasn’t right for what they wanted. Steve saw this as the sign of an honest Realtor. I saw this as being practical and kind. I knew the hassle of schlepping a kid in and out of a car was exhausting! Steve took my card and called me the next day.

    I had the privilege of selling him a great house and we’ve been friends ever since – it’s been nearly 20 years.

    Commitment to Community

    Steve is VERY community oriented. He has a habit of giving far more of his time, talent and heart than expected in any situation. He starts with what is asked and then, like a little kid planning out a show (or maybe a mad-capped capper) he excitedly starts dreaming about how to make it bigger or better. Anyone exposed to Steve knows this is going to happen, but Steve is so creative and inspiring that we all just go along with him- we know it’ll be a fun adventure.

    The Answer is “Yes”

    When it came time to open DIGGS I asked Steve to be my first artist as I was a big fan of the photos he shared on Facebook. He said yes immediately and never let on that he was very nervous about the whole idea! He had never displayed his art publically, but he wanted to support MY dream.

    On the day we were to install the photos Steve and I sat around telling stories and laughing while Carin figured out how to actually hang the darn things- none of us had any IDEA what we were doing. Thank God Carin is such an awesome doer.

    The show was a huge hit and we raised big money for the Verdugo Woodlands Dad’s Club.

    Connecting People

    Steve is a connector. He listens to your plans and dreams and then he suggests people in his vast network that might help you. I’ve met fascinating and amazing people just because Steve thought I might click with a person- or because he thought we could help each other.

    I’ve found that people who like Steve are likely to like us… and vice versa. Truly, it feels like we all part of the same Tribe.

    Come To the Show

    I hope you’ll have some time to visit the show. We are open most business hours and DIGGS profits from any sale benefits the Dad’s Club Robotics Team. Better yet, come to Steve’s Reception!

    Friday, January 5
    5 PM – 7 PM
    DIGGS, 3819 Ocean View Blvd.

    Light refreshments, beverages and a whole lot of laughter!!

    We have a new artist show at DIGGS every 6 weeks. Each show features a local artist or artist group. We make our office available for the artist to host their own reception and our “gallery fee” for any art sold is donated to a non-profit of the artists choosing. Find out more about our DIGGS Artists Program. 

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