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    LCHS Fine Arts Show at DIGGS 2020

    LCHS Fine Arts Show at DIGGS 2020

    The life of an artist is soul-wrenching. Displaying your work is an exercise in vulnerability and selling a piece is like selling a bit of your soul.

    I didn’t know that when I launched the DIGGS Artist Program. I thought it would be fun for the invited artists, the community, and the non-profits who received the “gallery fee” as a donation. I had no idea what an act of courage this is for the artist.

    Based on feedback, though, it is a scary that can feel like the thrill of a rollercoaster ride or riding a bike for the first time. Crossing through that scary experience can start a transformation, a growth, perhaps even a new direction.

    That is why our favorite show of the year is the LCHS Art Show featuring the students in the La Canada High Schools Fine Arts Department and Teacher Mike Kauffman. Many of these ridiculously talented teenagers are sharing their art in a professional setting for the very first time. I take the time to talk to most of the artists at the reception – they express gratitude, wonderment,  defensiveness, fear and some are very quiet as they process everything around them.

    Mr. Kauffman is an amazing and dedicated teacher who works hard to bring out the potential in each student. The LCHS Art Show at DIGGS is just one of a number of ways he goes beyond his job requirements – this is all on his own time! He told us the show has a huge impact on the students as well as their family and friends. (Check out Mike Kauffman’s website!)

    This is our LCHS Art Show and it was a smash hit. We raised over $1,000 for the Friends of The La Canada Arts Department. One generous donor gave $500.

    Thank you to Mike Kaufman, the students, the fabulous parents who support them and everyone who came to this show. You are ALL beyond amazing.

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