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    Is A Discount Agent Worth It?

    Is A Discount Agent Worth It?

    Real Estate Is More Than Numbers On A Contract

    You probably hope for a pain-free process when you buy or sell a home.

    There are a lot of internet sites that promise technology will ease your pain. They replace an experienced and dedicated selling agent and buying agent with a sweet app, a 24/7 call center, a team of trained worker bees or a “Buy Now” process. Their claims are attractive…. and cheap.

    Maybe you don’t want cheap.

    Your selling agent must give you peace of mind that you:

    • Net the best price AND terms
    • Sell in a reasonable time frame
    • Keep you in control of the process
    • Ensure that you are legally protected.

    Your buying agent must give you the peace of mind that you:

    • Don’t miss out on a great house
    • Don’t pay to much
    • Don’t buy a home with undiscovered defects
    • Don’t lose the home of your dreams

    DIGGS is filled with ridiculously awesome humans. We don’t specialize in being big or number one. We specialize in your peace of mind.

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