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    Home of the Future?

    Home of the Future?

    As we’ve talked about some smart home features recently, some have voiced concerns about the price and safety of smart home devices. For example, the cost of wi fi enabled light bulbs is much more than a regular bulb and not everybody is interested in connecting their living room lamp to their smartphone or tablet. If you feel this way, you aren’t alone.

    An interesting article inTech Connectexpresses consumers’ general wariness of adopting new technology in their home. And there are also those who worry that the myths of being spied on through their smart home devices is true. We respect all points of view on this.

    It took decades for the majority of the civilized world to adopt cell phone use. Now, what would we do without our cell phones? What do you think the home of the future looks like? Do you think that 20 years from now all homes will be smarthomes and you’ll be able to close the blinds and turn on lamps with a couple of taps on your handheld device? Or do you think that people will hang on to getting off the couch and walking across the room to turn the light of?

    Smart home technology seems to fall into a few different categories: stuff that makes your home safer, stuff that makes things easier, stuff for kids, stuff that saves electricity, and stuff that’s just cool.

    But years ago, before “tech” was even a thing, a neighbor of ours, an older widow living alone, was told that getting a dog, especially a large dog, would help keep her home safer. There were popular studies that showed that a barking dog was a crime deterrent as criminals would see a theft as more complicated or risky with a dog involved. Our friend went to the Pasadena Humane Society and picked out a very sweet and snuggly Saint Bernard mix, who, as it turned out, was a very poor guard dog. While our dear neighbor scored with her new best buddy, she was back at square one with home security.

    A lot of neighbors are concerned about home security. While in the past many people had alarm systems, hired security companies, or relied on the family dog to scare off burglars, safety has been made simpler and cheaper with a few well placed devices and a smartphone.

    Some of the most highly recommended smart home security devices include the Scout Security System, the Kuna Toucan, and one of our favorites, the Ring video doorbell. In fact, we think that the Ring doorbell is so cool, that we’ll be giving one away this month. So keep your eye on our FB page and check out our blog often so that you don’t miss the details.

    What tech do you use to keep your home safe?

    (Disclosure, we do not work for any of the companies that make these devices and we are also not profiting, in any way, from their sale. We just think they are really cool.)

    Check out the article from Tech Connect:

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