Help Us Find Diggory!

Diggory, our buddy and fearless mascot has taken off on the loose. He’s been known to hang in some of his favorite Montrose shops. If you help us find Diggory we are offering a $20 Gift Certificate to Critters as a reward. All you have to do is take a photo of Diggory where you find him, post it to your Facebook page, tag DIGGS and tag the shop where you found him! Happy dog hunting!


DIGGORY UPDATE! Thank you so much to Veruca Salt, Montrose for keeping Diggory safe and warm. And an extra special thank you to those of you who posted photos! Diggory is out and about again this week. PLEASE HELP US FIND DIGGORY! Remember, if you find him, please post a photo on FB, tag us here at DIGGS and tag the shop where you found him, and you could win a $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO CRITTERS! Happy hunting!

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