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    Google Home vs. Alexa

    Google Home vs. Alexa

    In the battle of smart speakers, the heavyweight match is Google Home vs. Alexa. The two companies are constantly firing new features at us, despite us using the same features over and over. Seems like Google Homes and Alexas have found their way into every house.  Since their release in 2016, Amazon’s Alexa has been more popular than Google Home, however, studies have shown that Google Home is smarter. Perhaps Alexa is more popular because Amazon controls a large part of our everyday consumer culture. How do we know what these new gadgets are capable of, and which one is worth it?

    Hands Free Calling

    Each member in your family doesn’t need their own personal Alexa or Google Home. Without the latest voice recognition technology, using a feature such as hands free calling would be a mess. Your child’s dad and your dad are not the same person. Voice recognition prevents these awkward situations from happening. By recognizing your voice and linking your contacts to your account, the smart speakers make the right call… literally. The two competitors tie in this round of Google Home vs. Alexa.

    Recognizing Songs

    We know how frustrating it is when we know everything about a song, except the name itself. After all, some artists song names and lyrics don’t coordinate. Google Home can play a song based on context. During a press event, someone asked, “OK Google, play that Shakira song from Zootopia.” Shakira’s song “Try Everything” began to play. Alexa can’t do that. It brought them to all the songs from the Zootopia soundtrack or Shakira. The winner of this Google Home vs. Alexa round: Google Home.

    Multiple Commands

    Google Home can knock out two birds with one stone- or two requests with one command. Change of a mood at dinner? Simply tell Google Home to change the song and lower the volume, and both will be done. Alexa can only handle one command at a time. However, Alexa does have routines, which allow one command to control multiple devices. For simpler tasks, like changing the music, it is unable to take multiple requests with one command. Once again, the winner of this Google Home vs. Alexa round is Google Home.

    And the winner of the the Google Home vs. Alexa match is Google Home! Although Google Home may seem to be smarter, it all depends on personal preference. If you subscribe to Prime Music, have Fire TV, or regularly order off of Amazon, Alexa is the better fit for you. Furthermore, look at the bigger picture. Take into account what smart appliances you use now, the ones you plan to use in the future, and see if Google Home or Alexa is the better fit. You might not think it’s necessary to live in the  home of the future. However, at the end of the day, they’re just smart speakers that make our lives a little easier.

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