Equestrian DIGGS: 10640 Wheatland Ave

Equestrian DIGGS: 10640 Wheatland Ave Horse and Owner will live in perfect harmony in this little slice of Shadow Hills heaven. The peace and tranquility is so perfect it’s hard to believe that major studios, several downtowns and the Burbank airport are just minutes away. The home is a wide […] Read more »

Shop local to make last minute gift giving easy

Last minute holiday shopping can feel like a full contact sport. Between the 30 minute cruise just to find a parking spot, the half empty shelves missing exactly what you needed, and the line just to buy the stuff you settled on, last minute shopping is a pain. There is […] Read more »

Montrose Christmas Parade 2017

In what other community does Santa do a fly-by in a helicopter to ring in the Christmas season? The Montrose Christmas Parade is a chance for our community to get together and show off what makes us special. The parade has the required super cute Scouts and Y-Tribe kids, the […] Read more »

Swinging From the Trees!

What’s swinging in those trees up in La Crescenta? Some claim to have seen some kind of ape first near the Crescenta Valley YMCA at the bottom of Lowell and now at Crescenta Valley Park. Of course, the locals are joking about Bigfoot or wild toddlers on the loose. Experts […] Read more »

Don’t Drive to the Beach, Take the Beach Bus!

How are you getting to the beach this summer? Don’t sit in traffic and waste gas. Take the beach bus! Thanks to Los Angeles County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, and La Canada Mayor, Michael Davitt, getting to the beach is super laid back and easy this summer. Cost: $3 per rider […] Read more »

Renters Are People Too

What is the super important stuff that renters need to know? Last week on DIGGS Live, we talked to Alissa Hellman of Bamboo Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina about just that. Diggs has a brand new pay-what-you-want program, DIGGS Rents, specifically for renters. Here are the important highlights from last week’s […] Read more »

Mindful Landscape Design

So, we know that just because the big drought is over and the rain gods have smiled on us, that we still need to be mindful about water consumption, especially in our yards. After all, this is Southern California, and it’s certainly not the first drought we’ve been through. But […] Read more »

Maple at Descanso Gardens

Feeling brunchy? Have you been to Maple, the new restaurant at Descanso Gardens? It’s a new little lunch and brunch hot spot. The entrance to Maple is to the side of the main entrance at Descanso and you don’t need to be a member to go there. Reservations are highly recommended. […] Read more »

A Place for Seniors

The Baby Boomer generation has given us a huge group of seniors who are more active, athletic, and adventurous than any previous generation. We have seen many seniors move into easily accessible and walkable communities like Montrose and Downtown Glendale and often selling family homes in favor of simpler condos […] Read more »

A Place for Teenagers

The concept of Inclusion doesn’t just address ethnic and cultural issues but also generational divides. Much ado is made about teenagehood and how parents, community members, and lawmakers can best handle potential risks.  But, where in our communities is there room to include teenagers? Do you know of a welcoming place […] Read more »

Inclusion By Food

One of the ways that we practice inclusion, often without even thinking about it, is through food. Living in Southern California, one of the major perks of our multicultural society is the food. Walk down any commercial street in your neighborhood and I can guarantee you’ll find a minimum of […] Read more »

Healthy Diggs: Let’s Get Physical

The rise of the home gym has had a long ascent from a Nordic Track in the garage or a Thigh Master and Ab Roller in the spare room with the ironing. It’s become a well plotted and significant space in many homes to accommodate a full body work of many different […] Read more »