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    climate change and homeselling

    Climate Change and Home Selling

    Climate change is affecting the home selling process. Here is what you need to know. It is 2022 and Southern California is just emerging from yet another multi-year drought. It feels like drought is our new normal and homebuyers are paying att...

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    COVID Effect On Real Estate

    The COVID Effect On Real Estate

    What is the COVID effect on real estate in 2021? It affected everything, especially our assumptions about where we have to live because of our jobs. Remote work is either the best thing to happen to humankind or...? Remote work isn't the ...

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    Costs to sell a home

    The Cost of Selling A Glendale CA Home

    What will it cost to sell my home? The short answer is the cost of selling a home in Glendale Ca is between six and eight percent of your final sales price, outside of any necessary or negotiated repairs. I will break this down for you in just...

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    Contingent Sale

    Sold Story – Contingent Home Sale

    Do you want to buy a home contingent on the sale of your existing La Crescenta home?  Contingent sales work best in a buyer controlled market. They don't work at all in a strong seller's market. What is a contingent sale? A contingent sale m...

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    Selling The Parent's Home

    Sold Story – Selling After Your Parents Are Gone

    It is really hard to sell your parent's home. You probably grew up in that home and selling it to a new family means that chapter in your life is closed. Why would you trust an impersonal internet-based real estate company?  It might seem l...

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    Top Glendale CA real estate agents

    10 Top Questions For Your Realtor

    As a one of the top Glendale Ca real estate agents I can predict with some confidence what a homeowner wants to know.  Here are the questions I think a savvy home owner should ask when choosing a Realtor to sell their home. Here are the To...

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    Three Ways Your Home Sale Can Fall Apart

    3 Ways Your Home Sale Can Fall Through

    Getting an offer on your home is just the start. There are three ways your home sale can fall through and choosing the right buyer for your home involves carefully understanding the real estate purchase agreement (RPA). The RPA, along with i...

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    All About Real Estate Appraisals

    The Four Most Important Factors In A Home Appraisal

    What is a Home Appraisal? If you are getting a loan on the home you are trying to buy, the bank will require an appraisal to protect their interests. If you walk away from this home, will they be able to get their money back in a foreclosure s...

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    Sell Your Home As Is

    Sell Your Home As Is

    Why are there any repairs when selling a home? After all, isn't a home sold in "as is" condition? The buyer has three main contingencies in a purchase contract and the biggest unknown is the inspection contingency. (Read: What Are The 3 Contin...

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    Best Time To Sell My Home

    When Is The Best Time To Sell My Home?

    When is the best time to sell your Glendale, CA home? You are probably thinking of waiting until spring to put your home on the market. Spring, after all, is peak selling season in our area. Would it be unreasonable to imagine that you might "t...

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    How To React To A Changing Market

    Remember my 2018 Economic Forecast at the beginning of the year? You have probably noticed more for sale signs in the neighborhood and more price reductions on the real estate internet sites. Many people are anticipating a change in the marke...

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