Sagebrush Update

UPDATE: 5/4 The county committee went against staff recommendations and voted for preliminary approval of the Sagebrush transfer pending an environmental impact report to take place sometime next year. See the LA Times article here. Fresh from the Crescenta Valley Weekly, we have some new information about the Sagebrush Transfer: […] Read more »

DIGGS Transformation Case Study #2

One of the many spectacular things about the Diggs transformation process is seeing a home take on a whole new life. As a seller moves on, the home welcomes all new energy and excitement for its next inhabitants. This was very much the case with this fabulous Glendale home. CASE […] Read more »

Results are In!

The City of Glendale election results are in! On Tuesday, residents voted for City Council Members, City Clerk, City Treasurer, Glendale Unified School District Board of Education Members, and a measure on whether or not to cap term limitations for City Council Members. According to Glendale Votes, the winners are […] Read more »

Healthy Diggs: You Are What You Eat

Last week we asked the community how they use their homes to keep healthy. We got a ton of great responses and many of them involved food.  We know that various concepts of nutrition and the lifestyle of how we eat are sometimes contrary. As we ever struggle to enjoy […] Read more »

Healthy Diggs, Self Care

As we are learning more and more these days, self-care is an important part of a balanced life. However, it’s something that we so often set to the side in favor of things like working hard and taking care of others. As most of us notice, when we neglect ourselves, […] Read more »

Celebrate Nature!

In this mellow week between Christmas and The Rosebowl it’s a great time to get your family outside and celebrate where you live. Along with our amazing community, and great school schools, another one of the top reasons that people love living in The Foothills, is our close proximity to […] Read more »


Oh my gosh, want to shop local for Christmas but think you don’t have the time this late in the game? (ponchos!) Diggs did all the hard work for you. (fancy candles!) I’m not even kidding, this is your VIRTUAL SHOPPING TOUR! (Star Wars T’s!) Take a minute, call ahead, […] Read more »


Our homes are such a central part of how we celebrate the holidays. Most of us have special places for decorations like Christmas trees, or menorah’s, and we string the roof with lights. Many enjoy simpler details like a table full of holidays cards from loved ones. Here is how […] Read more »

Market Report Glendale, La Canada, La Crescenta

Market Update- Are Prices Softening?

As a whole, sales prices in Glendale, La Canada and La Crescenta are NOT softening… but asking prices are “at risk”. This means higher priced homes are staying on the market, longer, and we are seeing an increase in price reductions. Here is what our sales activity looks like: The […] Read more »

Glendale Market Report, September 2015

The big story, here, is the sharp drop in the number of new sales. A nearly 30% drop in August could have been a seasonal anomaly, but new contracts were only slightly better in September. Meanwhile, houses are coming on the market at nearly the same pace as they have […] Read more »

Market Report Mid-Glendale July 2015

Mid-Glendale has had the best real estate activity out of the four areas of Glendale for July. With more properties available on the market for Buyers, houses having approximately 37 day escrows, sales at an even pace, this area remains steady despite the summer slowdown. Are you curious about the […] Read more »