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    7 Spring cleaning tips that will save you money

    7 Spring cleaning tips that will save you money

    If your idea of a good time is to do anything but clean and organize your house, we are with you. The day to day stuff like dishes and laundry (ugh, laundry!) can feel like enough of a chore, and now we are suggesting you add to your to-do list. We are not crazy, and we don’t live in perfect houses that are never messy. If you do the 7 things below (some only once a year) you will save money, your stuff will last longer and your house will be a little cleaner. Sounds like a win-win.

    1. Deep clean your dryer vent. Not only will your clothes dry faster and use less energy while doing so (saving you money), you will reduce your risk of fire. We like this handy kit to get all the lint out of there.
    2. Before you ditch a stinky sponge, toss it in your washing machine when you bleach your whites.
    3. Clean the coils of your refrigerator.  Seriously, those suckers collect tons of dust and pet hair and if you leave them gross and dusty your refrigerator will not last as long, and will have to work harder to keep your ice cream and rosé cold. (our priorities are pretty clear) We found this great video tutorial that shows you exactly how to do this.
    4. Change the filters in your air conditioning intake. This will improve your air conditioner’s efficiency (read- cost less to run) and help it to last longer.
    5. Give your doormats a good shake to get most of the dirt off of them every other week (depending on the foot traffic at your doors). This keeps the mats looking fresh and new longer, and helps to keep the dirt from your shoes from being tracked into your house.
    6. Before you buy a new shower head clean it with vinegar and a plastic bag to get all of the lime scale out of the holes.
    7. Replace your store-bought cleaning products for homemade versions. You can make effective versions of your favorite household cleaners for pennies with easy to find ingredients like distilled white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
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