21 Best Moving Hacks

Buying or selling your Glendale CA home is a big deal but moving can be an even bigger deal!  It is typically difficult, stressful, overwhelming… the list goes on and on. But, it doesn’t have to be! With the right preparation (and mindset!), you, too, can simplify the moving process.

The team here at DIGGS has seen a lot of moves, so we’ve gone ahead an compiled 21 of our very best, tried and true moving hacks to help you prepare for – and make it through – moving day:

    1. GET RID OF EVERYTHING: Obvious, but necessary. One of the most important things to do when moving is to cleanse. Think green juices and raw veggies are the only kind of cleanse? Think again! It’s time to get rid of that outfit that you think you’ll need one day, or that couch you’ve had since college. If you don’t use it every week or absolutely love it, it’s time to get rid of it.
    2. CLEAN the kitchen and baths prior to your move-in day. It will never be easier to perform a deep, satisfying clean in these spaces than when they are completely empty
    3. DONATE Schedule a donation pick up a few days before your move. That way, all of the items you no longer need are gone long before the moving truck arrives.
    4. DON’T USE, DON’T MOVE: Imagine a cost attached to every single time you move. Would you move those high school drama trophies if you had to pay per item? Get the DIGGS ClutterBug pdf for local resources on where you can donate used items at the end of this article.
    5. FREE BOXES Moving boxes can get expensive really fast. Post in your local Facebook Group for used boxes, it’s astonishing how often that work! Also, visit the dumpster areas behind local retailers. They often stack their boxes hoping that recyclers and neighbors will pick them up. **pro tip** Liquor stores have the best boxes, they are sturdy and often have carrying handles. If you must buy boxes, Box City in Pasadena has the best prices.
    6. 2 WEEKS PRIOR start the change of address process. Start with the obvious- post office, utilities, services – but then move to credit cards, memberships, magazines and online sites.
    7. LOWER COST Plan you move for the middle of the week and/or the middle of the month. Moving companies will often quote lower prices for those dates. **pro tip** Studies show that Tuesday is lowest cost day of the week to move.
    8. CORRAL THE CORDS Use an empty paper towel tube to corral and organize all the cords.
    9. CORRAL THE SPILL Cover the top of your toiletries with plastic wrap and then screw the top on. This old-school tip will ensure safe and spill-free transport.
    10. NECESSITIES Pack your absolute necessities in a clear box. Then, make sure to put that box in a place that you can access easily (and won’t forget about). That way, you can always find it, and you’ll know exactly what’s inside of it.
    11. PACK A GO BAG Your first night in your new home can be hectic. Packing an overnight bag will relieve some stress when it is finally time to go to bed.
    12. NO MORE GROCERIES You don’t want to be spending extra money on take-out, but you also don’t want to waste perfectly good food. Stop buying groceries at least a week before you leave. If you still have some unwanted food left over, you can donate certain items to Move for Hunger by simply scheduling a pick up.
    13. ELECTRONICS Take pictures of the back of all of your electronics. This simple trick will help you remember how to set them up when you move into your new place.
    14. LABEL BY ROOM Then, load the moving truck by room. Not only will it be easier to place the appropriate boxes in the appropriate rooms, it will be much easier to unpack.
    15. USE ALL THE SPACE Don’t leave empty spaces in boxes. Space in boxes is valuable! Fill in every gap with clothing or towels to keep boxes filled but light and easy to move.
    16. FRAGILE!!! Wrap your fragile items- Duh! This goes without saying. But remember that you can also use clothing, sheets, or towels to wrap fragile items like dishes and glassware, helping to save money on bubble wrap and other packing supplies. Small fragile items like stemware and glasses can go in socks!
    17. COSMETICS Place an extra cotton pad or ball into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking.
    18. SMALL BITS Keep sandwich bags handyThey’re useful for holding any small parts (think nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) of things you have to take apart, like curtain rods or mounted flat-screen TVs.
    19. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Keep them with youLiterally, on your person! Nothing is worse than losing your ID or lease information during a move. Keep a backpack or bag handy with all the most important documents and be sure to keep it close to you.
    20. BOX LABELS Color code boxes by room and label the SIDES of the boxes, not just the top.
    21. LESS TO UNPACK Keep your stuff in the drawers and saran wrap those puppies real tight. Voila! LEss to do when you get there.

Moving can be overwhelming, but if you follow these 21 and tried and true moving your next move should be your easiest yet!

Would you like our resource guide for charitable donations, hauling and more? CLICK FOR OUR CLUTTERBUG GUIDE.

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