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    How To Pick The Best Listing Agent

    You want to know how to pick the best
    listing agent for your home.
    I’ve spent decades coaching home sellers and other agents on how to find and pick the best listing agent. I have lists of questions and statistics to gather. I’ve even had my listing presentation published on YouTube as an example for all other agents to follow. If you want to see the old list you can read: How To Identify The Wrong Listing Agent For Your Home.
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    One could say I am the queen of the listing presentation, but I no longer believe in their value to help a home seller pick the right listing agent.

    Here is my truth revelation – my industry has sold prospective home sellers a load of manipulative sales talk.

    Fair Warning – I am about to say things that are 180 degrees from everything else you might read or hear. I need to explain myself and that will take a few paragraphs. If you are impatient you can skip down to the practical tips **here**.
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