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    Sold Story – Transformation on a Shoestring….

    Sold Story – Transformation on a Shoestring….

    We are getting a reputation for our astonishing DIGGS Transformations for our Glendale Ca homes. We’ve take homes from drab to fab and our home sellers enjoy the profits!

    We are experts on making a little coin go a long way, but sometimes the coin is non-existent. Sometimes all you have is a small amount of time, a few incredible friends, and a vivid flair for drama.

    Such is the case for our sweet new listing on Waltonia Way in Montrose. This home is like the Velveteen Rabbit. Some of the paint had been plumb loved off the walls. The current owners had worked their tails off, hauling out their stuff and scrubbing every corner until it gleamed… but it still looked a little wilted.

    The owner has an amazing tribe of friends. One friend said, “let’s paint the living room- it won’t take very long!” Another friend said, “I’ve got some extra paint in a cheerful velvet white!” Yet another, very stylish friend said, “I’ve got the perfect area rug, and a throw to dress up that Ikea chair!”.

    Here are a few sneak peeks at an incredible Transformation:



    See all the photos, details, and viewing opportunities of this adorable Montrose home at www.2206WaltoniaDr.com.

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