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    Patti Mu

    We were not quite prepared to sell our childhood home when we spoke to Kendyl Young, owner of Digss Real Estate. Kendyl is very articulate and always tried to anticipate our questions. She truly put us at ease going through the whole selling process. She made it a point to keep us informed about what was going to happen, what to expect, and best & worst scenarios so there were never any surprises. She and her team were always on top of everything and they were always accessible, no matter what day or time we had questions. We found Kendyl and her team very reassuring and supportive. Even though we were outside of her usual coverage area, she or someone from her staff was at the house to witness and understand all the inspections and comply with the requirements, so my family did not have to figure out what was going on or what we needed to do. We were so relieved. Kendyl is a warm, intelligent, organized an knowledgeable person and we highly recommend her services. She put us at ease with the whole process and we sailed through a 30 day escrow which sped by quickly & flawlessly. Thank you to Kendyl and her staff for all the guidance and expertise they expended. Without Diggs Real Estate, the whole process would not have gone so smoothly! Patti

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