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    Martin & Cathie Montoro

    “Kendyl maintains the highest standards for herself and for her business. She was professional, supportive, and considerate of our best interests throughout the entire process of the sale. Her outstanding communication skills — listening to our concerns, keeping us informed at all times, advising us when necessary — assured us that we had made the right decision in choosing DIGGS.

    We did not pursue any other broker. Kendyl’s experience and a conversation with her at a long-ago open house prompted us to contact DIGGS. Her first visit to our home left no doubt for either of us that she had done her research and possessed precisely the combination of personal and professional values and skills we wanted.

    DIGGS swiftly handled the only problem that occurred when our first buyer, despite all documentation and consultation, turned out not to possess resources adequate to complete the sale. Kendyl did not miss a beat. Throughout the process, she had maintained careful communication with back-up buyers who were immediately ready to purchase our home.”

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