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    Freddy and Monina S., La Crescenta

    We started our house hunting back in March 2015. We were working with another agent prior to meeting Kendyl and Soo. We had made an offer to these two houses and were outbid. We didn’t understand the reason specially since we had the highest offer on one of the houses. We paused our house hunting as getting outbid is like dealing with a break up. We decided to ditch our current REA. After further searching in the Montrose Neighborhood page, we found DIGGS. Coincidentally, my husband was walking around Montrose and passed by their office too. My husband immediately called me to let me know about a good feeling he had with DIGGS. I went to their website and in that afternoon, Kendyll contacted me and we met with them the next day in their lovely. Kendyll and Soo really took the time to understand what is important for us as we search for the perfect home for our family. Every details were asked ~ no stones were left unturned. Soo was our Buyer’s Specialist and I couldn’t be any happier! She kept in touch and gave me up to date listings. Soo found the perfect home for our family and even better, it’s more than what we thought we will ever get in La Crescenta!! DIGGS knowledge of the area and also of the REA from the same area tremendously helped us close this deal. Like I said, I couldn’t be any happier. They gave us the keys to our house, but DIGGS was the KEY in getting us our lovely home!

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