Best Place To Retire In Pacific NOrthweest

Retire To Whidbey Island (Puget Sound)

Have you ever dreamed of living on Nantucket Island or Martha’s Vineyard? Island life always seemed so dreamy and idealistic. One of the best places to retire in the Pacific Northwest is Whidbey Island Whidbey Island has all of the romance and natural beauty without going all the way to […] Read more »

retire to Mid Town Atlanta

Retire To Midtown Atlanta

Midtown Atlanta is most diverse, open and walkable area in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Midtown Atlanta might not be the cheapest place to retire, but it is charming, beautiful and the cost of living is definitely better. Listen in as I find out from Midtown Atlanta expert Jennifer Kjellgren on […] Read more »

First Time Investor Webinar

How To Invest In Real Estate Without Huge Wads Of Cash Are you a First Time Investor? Do you have lots of dreams but not a lot of cash? We published a Real Estate Investment Strategy Guide, but it isn’t very helpful for the First Time Investor. We found an […] Read more »

Huntsville alabama is a best place to retire

Retire To Huntsville Alabama

Huntsville Alabama is Educated, Connected and Affordable! Retire to  Huntsville Alabama – it has a thriving tech community and an amazing lifestyle! Join me as I talk to my great friend Elizabeth Golden about homes, lifestyle and people in her corner of the South! Huntsville Alabama is Educated, Connected and […] Read more »

What is a Broker Open House? Broker Open House or Broker Caravan is a primo way to get the edge over the "other" home buyers. The better edge is to work with a DIGGS agent as your dedicated Buyer's Agent! We write these posts to showcase our knowledge and expertise to potential clients. Call us […] Read more »

Aging In Place: Remain the CEO in your own life

Your housing needs can change as you age. How do you plan ahead so that you always remain the CEO of your own life? What are your housing options? How will you pay for it? How do you retain control of your housing choices? Join DIGGS for an afternoon of […] Read more »

Tacoma Washington, Best Place to Retire

Retire to Tacoma Washington

Tacoma Washington is the cool (and affordable) kid in the Pacific Northwest People want to retire to Tacoma because it is only 30 min from Seattle’s International airport (ok- 30 min at 2 AM. Closer to an hour at peak commute time). Tacoma is an open secret for people looking […] Read more »

North Detroit Suburbs

Retire to North Detroit Suburbs

The North Detroit Suburbs offers classic Michigan lifestyle and scenery minuites from urban Detroit. Retire to North Detroit Suburbs and Oakland County because this area is centrally located, super affordable and completely lacking in fire, tornado, hurricanes or earthquakes! Listen in as my pal Gwen Daubenmeyer shares lifestyle, prices and […] Read more »

Why DIGGS Exists

Why Does DIGGS Exist?

Recently I was asked why I created DIGGS. Real estate brokerages are a dime a dozen and, aside from the name,  it’s hard for the consumer to tell them apart. Here is my short answer: Recently I was asked why I created DIGGS. Real estate brokerages are a dime a […] Read more »

Retire to Bend Oregon

Retire to Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon is outdoors oriented and the perfect place for a second career You want to retire to Bend Oregon if you are ready to ditch the daily job grind but not ready to sit on a couch and grow fat. Bend is a outdoorsy place vibrating with opportunity and […] Read more »

Oahu, Hawaii is a Best Place To Retire

Oahu, Hawaii is paradise for anyone looking to retire Why wouldn’t anyone and everyone want to retire to Oahu Hawaii?! It is warm all year round, people from all over the world live there and it is the business and cultural capital of the entire state. Find out from local […] Read more »