La Cañada Underground Car Show

Do you guys know about the awesome La Cañada car show that takes place every Saturday morning? I say it is “underground” because it is not a formal, advertised event – it is an informal bunch of car enthusiasts getting together for a shared passion.

Starting at about 6am, the parking lot of the United Artist movie theater fills up with some of the most beautiful and interesting automotive specimens on the road. It’s super low key and informal, no sponsors, no food courts, just dedicated car lovers and the awesome cars they show up in. Cruise on up and check it out.


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  1. Ted L. says:

    Good to know cars Rule in So-Cal the more shows and meets the better

  2. Dennis Gerdes says:

    Great Cars and people,
    I Went there a few times when I was working on a job in Montrose.

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