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DIGGS Live- You’d love to sell your home for today’s high prices, but where would you go? How about a move to Raleigh, North Carolina? A few months ago I finally had a chance to visit Raleigh and I was entranced!! It had all the romance I expected and none of the, erm, stereotypes that I dreaded. Lynn Johnson is one of my gal pal Realtors for the area- and she is a native who can tell us like it is!

Tell us who you are!

I got my real estate license in 2006 and I did custom built homes for about out 3 or 4 years.  Had two kids and took some time off and taught interior design for high schoolers. When the kids got a little older it was time to get back into real estate!

What do you love about living in Raleigh North Carolina?

I can be at the mountains or the beach in just a little drive.  I love the diversity of things to do.  We have football (Carolina Panthers) and NASCAR. We also have the Biltmore Estate up in the mountains.

We are also a short plane ride or drive to Florida, Washington DC, Nashville, New York. we are centrally located on the East Coast to so many powerful areas.

What would a house in an upper middle class neighborhood in Raleigh North Carolina cost?

The average price point is about $300,000, but we have a lot of options. Country counties will be more expensive. Her county is about 20 minutes from Raleigh and a 2000 sf home would be about $200,000.  If you are in downtown you are closer to $450,000 t0 $500,000.

What is the cost of living like in Raleigh North Carolina?

Inside the city your tax is about 1.5% to 1.25%.  The county areas are more like .08%.  Property taxes have decreased in recent years. My clients that come from California are shocked at how low the taxes are, here. Gas is about $1.80 for a gallon of gas.

Gas is about $1.80 for a gallon of gas. A gallon of milk is about $2.79 and a dozen eggs is maybe $2.30.

What are the people like in Raleigh North Carolina?

In the downtown area, people are fresh and hip and very accepting. In the county areas is a bit different.  More of that Southern born and raised and an expectation that everyone should think the same way.  But, even out there things are starting to change. One of the magistrates were telling me that even gay people are coming out there.

I am engaged to a woman and I find people to be very accepting and welcoming.  There are always “dumb” people out there, but on average we’ve had a great experience in this area.

What do people in Raleigh North Carolina like to do?

We love the Carolina Hurricanes (hockey) and sports, in general, is a big deal.  But the truly big thing is our outdoor festivals! Our Blue Grass festival brought over 200,000 to our area! We like to be outdoors- but I like my air conditioning.

What is the weather like in Raleigh North Carolina?

It doesn’t really snow in Raleigh North Carolina.  The humidity in summer is something you have to get used to.  Last week the humidity was nearly 65%.  That is just crazy and uncomfortable. But the fall makes it all worth while.  It is cool and crisp and gorgeous.  The unpleasantness lasts for about 3 months.

What types of architectural styles are common in Raleigh North Carolina?

Downtown is seeing a lot of beautiful contemporary homes are going in.  If you are outside Downtown you have craftsmans and traditionals.

Want to find out more about Raleigh North Carolina?

Call Lynn Johnson 919-279-8169

Want to know how much you home is worth before you go shopping in Raleigh?


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