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    How To Choose The Best Listing Agent

    How To Pick The Best Listing Agent

    You want to know how to pick the best listing agent for your home. I’ve spent decades coaching home sellers and other agents on how to find and pick the best listing agent. I have lists of questions and statistics to gather. I’ve even had ...

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    Selling your home with kids

    Selling Your Home With Kids

    Selling a home with kids is way more difficult than without them. You see a better future in a new home. They see a stressed out and short-tempered parent. The key to preserving your sanity is excellent planning and preparation - and an acce...

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    Selling With Pets

    The Definitive Guide to Selling a Home with Pets

    Have thought about how selling your home with pets is more complicated? What to do with your pets while your home is on the market? Never fear - our Pet Friendly Realtor Joanne Poesch has all the answers on how to make the listing process with ...

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    Selling a Home In A Living Trust

    Guide To Selling The Family Home in a Living Trust

    The parents are now gone. You need to understand the process of selling a home in a Living Trust because you are the Successor Trustee (from now on we'll just call you the Trustee, ok?) Things might get a little cuckoo but read on. Here are so...

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    Price vs Pricing Strategy

    Price Is Not The Same As Pricing Strategy

    Price vs. Pricing Strategy Many sellers when interviewing a real estate agent for the job of getting their home sold ask the $64,000 question…. What do you think my home will sell for? In reality, no real estate agent has the ability to pr...

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    What's My Home Worth?

    What’s My Home Worth?

    It is hard to know what your home is worth in a hot seller's market. You know there is a lack of homes on the market, does that mean you can ask any price you want? There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about what your home is...

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    30 Days to Prepare Your Home For Sale

    The 30 Day Guide To Prepare Your Home For Sale

    Prepare your home for sale in 30 days. We found the inspiration for this guide from Toronto real estate gurus, The Brel Team, but it is different to prepare your home for sale in Glendale Ca. This is a comprehensive guide with a lot of reso...

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    Best Time To Sell My Home

    When Is The Best Time To Sell My Home?

    When is the best time to sell your Glendale, CA home? You are probably thinking of waiting until spring to put your home on the market. Spring, after all, is peak selling season in our area. Would it be unreasonable to imagine that you might "t...

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