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    Trusts and Estate Planning

    Selling A Childhood Home

    Selling A Childhood Home

    Selling A Childhood Home Is Like Saying Goodbye To Family Brian and Veronica were not interested in selling the childhood home. No one was clamouring for the money, and the home was in uber popular Silver Lake. Home values in that area were ap...

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    Sold Story – Trustee Lived In Another State

    Keeping the Trust in a Trust Sale It had already been, by all accounts, an annus horribilis, when the sellers of 19813 Entradero contacted their friend and DIGGS agent, Joanne Poesch, in June. After the deaths of their mother and sister within...

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    Selling The Parent's Home

    Sold Story – Selling After Your Parents Are Gone

    It is really hard to sell your parent's home. You probably grew up in that home and selling it to a new family means that chapter in your life is closed. Why would you trust an impersonal internet-based real estate company?  It might seem l...

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    Selling a Home In A Living Trust

    Guide To Selling The Family Home in a Living Trust

    The parents are now gone. You need to understand the process of selling a home in a Living Trust because you are the Successor Trustee (from now on we'll just call you the Trustee, ok?) Things might get a little cuckoo but read on. Here are so...

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    how to choose a good contractor

    Podcast Ep. 3 – Get a Living Trust!

    You might feel like you have plenty of time. You know you need to plan your Glendale CA home estate, but you'll certainly do that before it's too late, right? Did you know Aretha Franklin died without a will or trust?!  As poor as her ...

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    Buying a House From Probate

    Guide To Buy Probate Homes For Sale

    Are you curious about how to buy probate homes fro sale? You might be dreaming of a Granny Home selling for cheap in a primo neighborhood. There are a few different ways to sell a home after the owner dies. The most common method is a house ...

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