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    Selling Mistakes

    Three Ways Your Home Sale Can Fall Apart

    3 Ways Your Home Sale Can Fall Through

    Getting an offer on your home is just the start. There are three ways your home sale can fall through and choosing the right buyer for your home involves carefully understanding the real estate purchase agreement (RPA). The RPA, along with i...

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    6 Common HomeSeller Mistakes

    Six Home Selling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

    Here are 6 common home selling mistakes that make buyers cringe at the thought of your home, and action steps you can take to prevent your home from being an offender: 1. Giving a tour of your home It is true that no one knows your home as we...

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    5 “Don’ts” When Showing a Home

    There are many serious and learned articles and blog posts detailing the "5 Most Profitable Fixes" for selling your home or "Little Known Secrets of Staging a Home for Sale" and the like. Heck, I might have written posts like that myself. ...

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