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    Proposition 19 Impact

    Proposition 19 Impact on 55+ Homeowners

    Proposition 19 makes it easier for older homeowners to transfer their current property tax to a replacement home. We are excited because this removes a huge barrier for our "senior" clients who want a home better suited to their current lifesty...

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    Surpising Real Estate Documents To Keep

    The Surprising Real Estate Document You MUST Keep

    Have you ever wondered which real estate documents to keep after buying a home? Afterall, there is a file several inches thick by the time you get your keys! No one wants to start life in a new home with trash and clutter, right? If you boug...

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    Mark McNelis – Homeownership and Taxes

    2022 Update. CPA Mark McNellis and I sat down to update the podcast we did back in 2018. Are you wondering how the new tax laws will affect Glendale CA homes 2018 tax bill? Will you celebrate or cry? We sat down with Mark McNelis, CPA -...

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    Transfer Your Property Tax with Prop 60/90

    Transfer Your (Low) Property Tax To A New Home

    **Update** Proposition 19 would great expand a 55+ homeowners flexibility and is on the ballot in 2020. Read about the details: Proposition 19 Impact on the 55+ Homeowner Transfer your property tax to a new downsize home using California Pro...

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    How the Tax Overhaul Affects Homeowners

    The Glendale CA Impact Of Tax Overhaul Bills

    How will Glendale Ca homeowners be impacted if the proposed tax overhaul bills become law? **Update 12/21/2018** The tax reform bill is now passed into law. Here are some key points from the National Association of Realtors: • Capita...

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