5 easy ways to make your home look luxe without breaking the bank

You want a beautiful home worthy of a magazine, or at least nice enough to get top dollar and tons of offers. You can find room design ideas almost anywhere, the problem is your budget may not match your design aspirations. Don’t be disheartened! We have the 5 best tricks to make your house look luxe and expensive without breaking the bank.

Luxe design is all in the details. Arranging things in an eye pleasing way, keeping things simple (less is more!) and making sure everything is clean. Small, inexpensive updates can have a huge impact, and make the difference between buyers seeing your home’s potential or only seeing it as a “fixer”.


  1. Declutter: There is a reason this is the top of our list. Clutter brings down a room, makes your house feel smaller than it is and prevents people from picturing what your house would look like if their stuff was in it. You have to box it up eventually, why not get a head start and box up everything but the essentials. Clear off everything from the kitchen counter, keep all of your bathroom items tucked away in a cupboard (do you really want to show off your deodorant?) and the piles of papers have got to go.
  2. Clean like the Queen of England (or your mother in law) is coming over. Look, we know that you are busy, and that your house is probably tidy, but buyers will be looking in your drawers, your pantry and even that closet in the hall that is so full of stuff you risk bodily injury opening it. It’s easy to get used to a little bit of mess. Grout, windows, and carpets can all be cleaned professionally at a relatively low cost and your house will feel and smell so much cleaner because of it.
  3. Paint: Fresh paint can make your home seem brighter, neutralize strong odors that may be lingering, and depersonalize your space so buyers can visualize their stuff (and themselves) in your home.
  4. Flowers: Cut flowers in a vase on the table, bright pots of flowers on your front porch, it doesn’t take much to perk up a room.
  5. Crisp white linens. The most expensive hotels have these in all of their rooms for a reason. A bed made with crisp white linens screams clean, cool and inviting. If people want to jump into your bed, chances are they are going to want to write an offer on your house.



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