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    DIGGS 3D Model Marketing

    Your Home In 3D

    3D Model marketing is on the rise and DIGGS has been a leader in the real estate industry since 2016. We were one of the very first companies to adopt this cutting edge technology on all of our listings!

    Today, every DIGGS listings provides this rich virtual tour experience and it is more important than ever. Remote working is on the rise and that means buyers have more location flexibility. They are exploring unfamiliar neighborhoods and cities in the quest for the perfect home.  This virtual walk through experience, combined with our deep neighborhood information, gives them the confidence seriously consider your home.

    How Is A 3D Model Different?

    A 3D model is different because a visitor experiences your home almost as if they were physically standing in the space. They can “walk” throughout the house as well as different parts of any given room. They can peer out windows and get a feel for the flow of a floor plan or the size of a room. Our models are also available on a VR headset for a truly immersive virtual tour.

    In addition, many of our virtual tours have enriched content. A visitor can use the measuring tool to measure rooms, windows, walls or appliance openings. Tags contain additional information about the home, links to information about the neighborhood or videos of nearby features.

    Experience The 3D Model Yourself

    Sell Smart With DIGGS

    3D Models are just one tiny fraction of the marketing we can do for you. Find out more about selling with DIGGS.

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