Home of the Future?

As we’ve talked about some smart home features recently, some have voiced concerns about the price and safety of smart home devices. For example, the cost of wi fi enabled light bulbs is much more than a regular bulb and not everybody is interested in connecting their living room lamp to their smartphone or tablet. If you feel this way, you aren’t alone.

An interesting article in Tech Connect expresses consumers’ general wariness of adopting new technology in their home. And there are also those who worry that the myths of being spied on through their smart home devices is true. We respect all points of view on this.

It took decades for the majority of the civilized world to adopt cell phone use. Now, what would we do without our cell phones? What do you think the home of the future looks like? Do you think that 20 years from now all homes will be smarthomes and you’ll be able to close the blinds and turn on lamps with a couple of taps on your handheld device? Or do you think that people will hang on to getting off the couch and walking across the room to turn the light of?

Check out the article from Tech Connect:

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