Matt Crisafulli – Financial Planner

Do you dream of buying your own home? Do you wonder how all those other buyers managed to get their down payments? Would it surprise you to know that some of them saved it up, little by little? You might feel like that is never going to happen for you, […] Read more »

Shea Case – Tap Your Equity for Home Improvements

Do you dream about an extra bedroom for your Glendale CA home? A new kitchen? Maybe you’d like to build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) or a guest house. Glendale Ca Home values have risen quite a bit over the last few years. Perhaps you have a large pile of equity […] Read more »

Easy ways to save money on air conditioning this summer

Air conditioning is cool (pun totally intended) but it takes a lot of energy to run, and that energy isn’t cheap. Do you open up your bills from the electric company with dread every summer? We have a few tips on ways to save some money on your electric bill […] Read more »

How the Tax Overhaul Affects Homeowners

The Glendale CA Impact Of Tax Overhaul Bills

How will Glendale Ca homeowners be impacted if the proposed tax overhaul bills become law? **Update 12/21/2018** The tax reform bill is now passed into law. Here are some key points from the National Association of Realtors: • Capital gains exclusion. In a huge win for current and prospective homeowners, […] Read more »