Pre-Inspections Every Home Owner Should Consider

Before you list your home you should consider pre-inspections.

In Glendale, Ca homes are sold in “as-is” condition by default. However, home buyers have the right to inspect, by default. This means after a contract is signed and a price is agreed upon, the buyer will bring in professional inspectors. If they find any problems they can ask you to repair or give them a credit in escrow.

Avoid surprises!

It is normal for a buyer to find problems that are a complete surprise to the homeowner.

A wise homeowner will identify potential problems prior to going on the market!

Negotiate from a place of strength

In a strong seller’s market, the buyers are highly motivated to do whatever they can to get their offer accepted. This means the seller has the most leverage in the initial contract negotiation.

Now is the time to get a buyer to accept a home condition that is less than perfect.

Our Recommended Inspections

Pest Control Inspection – This is often a very low cost or free inspection. The vast majority of Glendale CA homes have some sort of pest, mold, dry rot or fungus damage. While it is no longer necessary (most of the time) to get a pest clearance in order to get a mortgage, home buyers still expect home sellers to provide this clearance. In addition, if a tent is necessary, the only time you can negotiate the timing of the tent that is most convenient for you is in the initial contract negotiation.

General Home Inspection – If you have lived in your home for a long time or have a general policy of ignoring your home, this is an important inspection to consider. A general home inspector goes inside, outside, down below and up above to visually assess conditions you do not normally see. Expect this inspection to cost about $450. Some inspectors will do a verbal report for far less.

Sewer Line Scope – This is a special sort of plumbing contractor that puts a video camera on a long flexible line down your drainage and sewer lines. This has become an important inspection in Glendale Ca as our homes have reached the age where the sewer lines are expected to fail. I have saved my clients thousands of dollars by identifying a problem in advance and having the time and space to research the lowest cost solution. Expect this inspection to cost about $250.

Chimney Scope – Chimney and fireplace problems are expensive and homebuyers are scared that these problems could lead to their home burning down. A chimney inspector puts a similar camera up the flue of your chimney looking for cracks and structural problems. This service also runs about $250.

This is uncomfortable

We know how uncomfortable it is to examine your home this closely. But, the truth is your potential home buyer will do these inspections. We think it is wise to get ahead of the conversation and call the shots before the buyer has any leverage.

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