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    Top 10 Best Glendale Ca Neighborhoods

    Top 10 Best Glendale Ca Neighborhoods

    Here are the Ten Best Glendale Ca neighborhoods and Hidden Gems as selected by the natives who live here! Census data, crime reports, and standardized school scores are soulless measuring sticks that do little to predict your lifestyle should you chose to live here. Also, what’s with the idea of choosing a “Number One” neighborhood? That’s ridiculous because a person who loves Adams Hill might really hate a luxury condo at the Americana on Brand.

    Instead – here are the Ten Best (and most requested) neighborhoods in Glendale and the reasons the natives love living there!!

    1. Downtown Glendale

    This isn’t your grandparents downtown Glendale. Take a trolly ride at the Americana or watch the Bellagio style water fountain show. If you love to go, see, and do, this is the best Glendale CA neighborhood for you.

    Residents love the “walk anywhere” lifestyle. If you are into the concierge lifestyle, the condos at the Americana at Brand are world-class luxury.

    Downtown Glendale Homes For Sale

    2. Adams Hill

    Natives love the hills because they get privacy and spectacular views. There are cool things to do here, too. This is the best Glendale Ca neighborhood for the hip and urban people.

    Adams Hill Homes For Sale Today

    3. Verdugo Woodlands 

    Verdugo Woodlands is one of the most requested neighborhoods with Glendale home buyers. They love the top schools, access to the skate park at Verdugo Park or historic Stengel Fields. If you love a tight knit community where everyone seems to be connected this is the best Glendale Ca neighborhood for you.

    • The Dad’s Club – click to see the best dad’s in the world… in drag
    • Catalina Verdugo Adobe – a super chill historic adobe home on 1.3 acres. Great place to read a book or meditate.

    Verdugo Woodlands Homes For Sale Now

    4. Montrose

    EVERYONE loves Montrose. We have the best eats and boutiques in the area. Do you long to live in small-town America? Montrose is the best Glendale CA neighborhood for you! If you want to live here you should explore the number of small neighborhoods that make up “Montrose”

    Montrose Homes For Sale

    5. Northwest Glendale 

    June is prime time in NWGD. Check out the jacarandas along Kenneth Rd. This is the neighborhood closest to the studios and Westside of LA. Industry people, this is often the best Glendale Ca neighborhood for you!

    Northwest Glendale Homes For Sale

    6. Rossmoyne

    • Nibly Park is awesome, but, honestly, this has to be one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in town.
    • Rossmoyne Historic District – some of the prettiest Spanish, Spanish Revival and Spanish Colonial Homes in town.

    Rossmoyne Homes For Sale

    7. The Canyons

    The Canyons lifestyle is all about being surrounded by nature filled hillsides and hearing the breeze rustle the leaves. If you long to live in the “country” but need to be close to civilization, the Canyons are the best Glendale Ca neighborhood for you.

    Chevy Chase Canyon Homes For Sale

    8. La Crescenta 

    I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’ve lost my mind or I don’t understand “cool”. La Crescenta IS cool, but not so much hipster cool as “nature loving I don’t need to showoff to no one” cool. People who love great schools and living in “the mountains” will think this is the best Glendale Ca neighborhood.

    The Latest La Crescenta Homes For Sale Listings

    9. La Canada 

    Hey, wealthy people can be cool, right? Seriously, though, La Canada is the coolest, most understated wealthy enclave in all the land. La Canada is perfect for those who have wealth but do not want the crowded city environment.

    • Descanso Gardens – the link goes to their Instagram feed. If you are lucky you will get to see it in spring. The beauty is eye-popping.

    La Canada Homes For Sale

    10. Sunland/Tujunga 

    You know how everyone wants to identify the next trendy neighborhood before everyone else? The best Glendale Ca neighborhoods are the ones about to be discovered. This is it, just remember you heard it from me!

    Sunland Tujunga Home Guide

    Are you exploring best Glendale CA neighborhoods? Don’t make the mistake of moving to the wrong neighborhood! Talk to the best Glendale Ca agent because we won’t steer you wrong.

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